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Latte - A freshly drawn shot of espresso to which a generous amount of steamed milk has been added. For an added treat, try a flavored latte!

Mocha Latte - White or milk chocolate melted by an aromatic shot of espresso and followed by a generous amount of creamy steamed milk topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate powder.

Flavored Latte - A shot of Italian syrup is added for a wonderful taste treat.

Cappuccino - A rich, frothy espresso drink made with a freshly draw shot of espresso to which foamed milk has been added.

Cafe Americano - A freshly drawn shot of espresso with purified hot water added for a full flavored espresso beverage with a mild coffee strength.

Espresso - An intense aromatic essence of coffee flavor. Definitly not for the novice but for the experienced coffee aficionado, it is the best of the best. The only thing better is a double shot!

Espresso Con Pana - All the rich intense flavor of an Espresso with a cap of whipped cream to seal in the rich espresso experience.

Espresso Macchiato - A rich shot of espresso served in a cup with a cap of foamed milk. Similar to an Espresso Con Panna, but not as sweet.

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